19th International Amber Fair
6-8 September 2018 | Gdańsk, Poland, AMBEREXPO

AMBERMART 2018 has come to a close

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210 exhibitors, more than 2800 visitors from 39 countries, most of them from Poland, Russia, China, Lithuania, Germany and Denmark: these are the statistics which sum up the 19th AMBERMART International Amber Fair, with an abundant product offer and a compelling artistic and popular science programme as its most attractive features.

Amber trends

At this year’s AMBERMART, many exhibitors went for contemporary design, with light forms, classic style and precious materials. Manufacturers always look for new design ideas which sometimes lead to surprising combinations, for example with components made of organic materials or steel. Such jewellery enjoyed the greatest attention from buyers but, as always, the matter of quality was a decisive factor.
“The buyers who came to our stand were most of all looking for top quality items—in terms of both design and execution. These factors are decisive when placing orders,” sums up Marcin Wesołowski, owner of NAC Amber. S&A’s CEO Adam Pstrągowski is of a similar opinion: “The development of a unique and distinctive design style combined with high product quality gives you prospects for further growth, but also a guarantee that, as an industry, we will continue to matter in the global jewellery market."

New markets
One of the tools to build a global image of the Polish jewellery industry is the Polish Fashion industry promotion programme, implemented by the Polish Investment & Trade Agency (PAIH), with amber companies among the beneficiaries. Under the programme, AMBERMART was visited by a group of buyers and journalists from India, China, Japan and the USA interested in the Polish jewellery and fashion market. Jewellery manufacturer Neeraj Kayathwal believes that amber has every opportunity to conquer the Indian market: “In my country, there are many wealthy people, open to global trends, who will certainly like large, exclusive amber designs. Collaboration with people who know this market and its needs well will be a guarantee of success for Polish manufacturers.”

With amber as the centrepiece
AMBERMART is not only about business: it is also about education in a wide range of amber-related areas. The knowledge required to make strategic decisions was provided to both the buyers and exhibitors at a marketing seminar delivered by the Oliwa Consulting Group, aimed at showing the tools required to build a brand in the context of online sales and creating an e-store from scratch. “The speakers presented the participants with solutions and ways to use free tools, along with opportunities to deepen their knowledge,” summed up Maria Olszewska, the meeting’s moderator.

As usual, the AMBERMART Most Beautiful Amber Jewellery competition stirred plenty of excitement. The international judging panel with Alain Roggeman (Belgium)—lecturer and artist; Lidia Przybylska—editor-in-chief of Moda w Polsce magazine; Joanna Grążawska—head of the Gdańsk Amber Museum; Marek Mikicki—master goldsmith; Andrzej Pacak—artist, chose the Dimitis necklace by Wojciech Kalandyk (Art7) as the most beautiful piece. The Solidarność pendant by Marcin Bogusław and the Dominant with Equivalent Value pendant by Elżbieta and Marek Pawłowski (E&M Marek Pawłowski Art Jewellery) received honourable mentions.

Inspiration was provided by AMBERMART’s many side exhibitions, including the ones presenting ideas on amber by 29 artists from all over the world in the Gdańsk Amber Biennial and in DNA Brussels—Gdańsk, which is the result of the work by Belgian designers Alain Roggeman and Delphine Perrache. Both exhibitions were produced by the City of Gdańsk Promotion Department, in partnership with the KIGB Polish Chamber of Amber Commerce. After the previews at AMBERMART, you can still view the exhibitions: Amber in A Classic Way? at the Amber Museum, Ethno-Amber at Paulina Binek’s Gallery and In My Opinion… at the Gallery of the International Amber Association.

Amber plays a part in various contexts, including jewellery, fashion, culture, history, nature, religion; all of them were brought together and synthesised by the conference on Amber—Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow organised by the Jędrzej Śniadecki Gdańsk University of Physical Education and Sport and by the Stegna Municipality. “Such conferences are very necessary because they show how many opportunities there are for developing amber’s potential; they also make it possible to exchange experience at an international level,” summed up Jacek Olszewski PhD, the meeting’s organiser.

Mariacka Street went dancing
AMBERMART always features Mariacka Street artistic meetings, organised by the International Amber Association and the MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co. This year’s events were held under the motto Mariacka Goes Dancing and were exceptionally magical. From midday until late at night, the street was filled with dance shows, fashion and jewellery shows, meetings with authors and poetry, concerts, art previews, workshops and exhibitions.
“We are happy that the event enjoys such great interest: each year, there are more and more regular participants who know exactly what they come for as they take their comfortable seats on entrance terraces, in galleries and windows under the hospitable eye of the hosts. Amber attracts sensitive people, has many artistic aspects and many talented friends, as can be seen and heard best at the Mariacka Street Festival,” summed up Ewa Rachoń, the Project Director of the AMBERMART International Amber Fair.

The 20th Anniversary AMBERMART International Amber Fair will be there for you in a year’s time. See you at AMBEREXPO, 29-31 August 2019.

Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, Pomorskie Voivod, Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodship, Mayor of Gdańsk

Organised by: MTG SA Gdańsk International Fair Co.
Project Director: Ewa Rachoń | | tel. +48 58 55 49 134