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Creative ideas, modern design, top product quality—this was what the jewellery collections for the autumn/fall and winter season were like at the International Amber Fair Gdańsk, concluded on 2 September. AMBERMART had visitors from 47 countries!

First of all: Keep an eye on change
The event had 221 exhibitors from 9 countries, including 82 from outside Poland, and more than 3,000 visitors from 47 countries, mainly China, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Russia, Sweden, UK and USA. “We have noticed fewer buyers from Poland, with an increased diversity of the countries from which people interested in amber come. This is important given the fundamental changes which are currently happening in the distribution directions of amber jewellery and China’s diminished interest in it. Perhaps such a situation will stabilise and balance out raw amber prices and will help restore the traditional export directions to the EU and the US,” Project Director Ewa Rachoń summed up the AMBERMART statistics. What is the exhibitors’ view of the market? “The market picture is changing and, although things are stable in our company, we are getting ready to change our production line to make it even better matched to the needs of the EU and US market. We hope that we can reclaim our ‘old’ customers,” said Andrzej Gierszewski of Kolia Jarosław Lis. This trend is also visible among other AMBERMART exhibitors who have been forced by the market situation to update their profile and become oriented towards new customers.

Second of all: Design!
To increase their opportunities in this globally competitive market, manufactures put a premium on top quality and cutting-edge amber jewellery design. “Our goal is to create high-end jewellery which can easily compete with recognised global brands. This is heralded by short series produced in collaboration with Miron Kutarba, which have been well received by our AMBERMART customers. This is why we are even more motivated to prepare a full collection for AMBERIF 2018,” says Ryszard Węsierski of the A2 Jewellery Studio.
Results were not long in coming: it was the Beijing Ring designed by Miron Kutarba, made at the A2 Jewellery Studio, that won the AMBERMART 2017 Best Amber Jewellery Award. The international judging panel chaired by Suzanne Eid, managing editor of Beirut-based Collection. Pan-Arab Luxury Magazine, appreciated its innovative form and the emphasis on the beauty of amber. “This example shows how far the jewellery manufacturing has improved even while using old-age material and how it helps taking this material out of the box we used to see it in. It is, in fact, a vision to the future that shows amber in a different perspective and gives a deep insight into the diverse opportunities of this wonderful gift of nature,” reads the judging panel’s verdict.

Third of all: Knowledge and practice
The future cannot exist without the past or without the awareness of previous achievements. This is why the International Amber Association’s publication entitled Bursztyn. Złoża – właściwości – kolekcje [Amber. Deposits—Properties—Collections], which premiered at AMBERMART, is so important. It is a collection of papers delivered by recognised experts at the International Amber Researcher Symposium, a side event to AMBERIF 2013. “This Polish-language monograph is not a faithful reproduction of the 2013 proceedings as not all the papers have been included, while others have been published in a more extensive form than originally delivered,” explains Prof. Barbara Kosmowska-Ceranowicz. The book is divided into a natural science section (chapters on amber and other fossil resin finds, deposits and mines; organic inclusions in amber and copal; amber properties and identification; amber restoration) and a section dedicated to art and exhibitions (amber in archaeology, art and design; amber collections; amber exhibitions).
The Goldsmith Craft Workshop with the Masters, Marcin Tymiński and Andrzej Kupniewski, was an excellent example of theory combined with practice. During a half-hour long one-on-one workshop, the participants had the opportunity to make an amber pendant, set in silver or stainless steel, under the masters’ watchful eye. “People who tried their hand at our workshop were not only amateurs but, to our surprise, also buyers from abroad or even several exhibitors interested in matters of technique,” summed up Andrzej Kupniewski.

Fourth of all: Social media
Social media are powerful, which is why it is good to know how to use them effectively in a business strategy and how to communicate successfully with customers. In a seminar on Brand Building in Social Media Step by Step organised by Oliwska Grupa Consultingowa (Oliwa Consulting Group), the speakers shared their experience in growing a business through social media (Marek Skrętny), on Instagram (Michael Bajorek) and by using the available advertising opportunities (Michał Reda). The seminar participants emphasised the professionalism of the speakers and considered the idea to organise this seminar to be a bull’s eye.

In farewell: Mariacka Sets Sail
Parades, concerts, poetry recitals, storytelling, meetings with sailors, exhibitions of graphic art, drawing and posters, special attractions for kids—this is how Gdańsk’s prettiest street, Mariacka, also known as the Amber Fifth Avenue, celebrated this year. The Mariacka Street Festival, which each year tops the bill of AMBERMART, this year had the theme Mariacka Sets Sail and, despite the rainy weather, the mood was really great!

In 2018, AMBERMART will be held on 6-8 September.

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