AMBERMART 2017 Best Amber Jewellery Competition

of the Jury in the Best Amber Jewellery Award
at the AMBERMART 2017 International Amber Fair

issued on 1 September 2017 in Gdańsk

The Jury:

• Suzanne Eid, editor-in-chief, Beirut-based Collection. Pan-Arab Luxury Magazine
• Petra Hölscher, art historian, senior curator of Die Neue Sammlung - The International Design Museum Munich
• Krzysztof Jacobson - jewellery expert
• Anna Klucznik - art historian
• Marek Mikicki - master goldsmith

Suzanne Eid was chosen the chairperson.

At its meeting on 1 September 2017 in Gdańsk, the Jury assessed 24 entries nominated to the competition out of the jewellery presented at the AMBERMART 2017 International Amber Fair.

The Jury awarded the following prizes:

for the Beijing ring
by Miron Kutarba
company A2 Studio Biżuterii
Verdict description:
The ring was chosen for its innovative form and the emphasis on the beauty of amber. Lightness, new technology, old-age metal and pure technique are all combined.
This piece has multiple significance on different levels. Aesthetically, it’s a modern, Art Deco piece, at the same time, it’s a wearable ring that shows technical qualities in terms of manufacturing, in terms of the combination of colours and in the use of the 3D printing technology and how we could apply the new technologies for the benefit of the perfect finish of the jewellery. This example shows how far the jewellery manufacturing has improved even while using old-age material and how it helps taking this material out of the box we used to see it in. It is, in fact, a vision to the future that shows amber in a different perspective and gives a deep insight into the diverse opportunities of this wonderful gift of nature.